What is consumer directed care?

I keep hearing about Consumer Directed care. What is it exactly?

This means that you the consumer will have a much bigger say in the care you receive and allow you to work in partnership with your care package provider.Consumers will be able to change care providers if they move to another area to live or wish for a better fit with their service provider.A national system will also be set up by My Aged Care that will prioritise users depending on their needs and circumstances. This is designed to allow the distribution of home care packages to be fairer and more flexible.

So what difference will that make to me?

Since July 2015, home care packages have been provided on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis, with each level funded by different amounts paid by the Federal Government to your care provider.However as of February 27 2017 CDC will undergo further changes, with the funding for home care packages allocated directly to the person receiving care.

What date does this come into effect?

Consumer directed care (CDC) is a new philosophy with regards to providing care by giving consumers more choice and flexibility over the home care and services they receive, including how it is delivered and who provides it. This means you get to work together with your service provider to develop your care plan and choose the level of involvement you have in managing the care services given to you in your Home care package.CDC also allows you to see how your home care funding is being spent through your personal budget with a monthly income and expense statem