Unnecessary ACAT hiccups/ bureaucracy add to frustrations of Carers and the Aged

Nearly 100 year old DVA mother has always managed to live in her own home ( with my Care and a Home Care welfare daily check) but over the past few weeks she has had falls needing hospitalisation. I am her Authorised Rep for ACAT ( only received permission 2 weeks ago from her) and applied for her to be assessed as her ability to live safely in her home is now impacted by her fall injuries and her declining mental health with an assessment hopefully for a move to an appropriate Aged Care facility .
Checked Mum out of hospital to go home at her insistence 5 days ago but the ACAT assessment that the hospital was working on was then cancelled apparently once she went home without me being informed of this or contacted at all by ACAT I find out after ringing them again today that I have to restart the whole process!
Lack of communication between Call Centres, ACAT Assessors and the people that they are supposed to be helping seems to be sadly lacking, very disheartening process.

Hi Mel DI hear your frustration. All well and good for My Aged Care to protect the rights of their clients, but what about the rights of the carer or family members who only have their loved ones best interest at heart, or just need a break. Nobody in their right mind, wants to put their loved ones into care just for the sake of it. It’s usually a last resort.