Understanding Advertised room cost

I have a Fee estimation noting $35.81 as the accommodation contribution. If a room is advertised as $53.26 what does this mean for me? I don’t understand how to work out what I can afford?

Hi Doon, the government will help with some or all of a person’s accommodation costs but if you can afford it you are expected to contribute towards the cost of your room. To understand your exact costs you need to submit an Income and Assets assessment form to the Department Human Services (DHS). They will then provide you with information about what contribution they will provide for your aged care costs. My understanding is that you subtract the accommodation contribution from the advertised room price and the amount left is what you will be asked to pay towards your room. You will also have to pay the basic daily fee (everyone is asked to pay this regardless of circumstances) which is currently $51.63 (as of 20 September 2019) which is calculated at 85% of the single rate age pension and is indexed with the age pension every March and September. Depending on a person’s financial circumstances some people may also be asked to pay a means tested fee which is also determined by your Income assessment. This is a fee you pay towards your personal and clinical care and is an ongoing fee. You can click on the link below to find further information about the fees. Aged Care Costs | agedcare101 Also remember that there is often room for negotiation with aged care homes about accommodation costs and different style rooms have different prices so it is always worth asking. Regards Jill