Taking the offer of moving from a subclass 410 to subclass 143

Dear ?Agedcare 101?; would you be able to give an approximate daily out of pocket cost for high care in an aged care facility regarding people who would be above the assistance threshold (no additional discounts) for a) A person with a subclass 410 visa (suspect around $500 per day) and b) A person previously subclass 410 but then successfully applying and getting the new subclass 143 visa (suspect around $ 100 per day) please? A second question: Apparently ?The Contributory Parent (subclass 143)? visa under the pathway is paid in two stages - stage 1 = $5,500 for the application for a single or a (couple as the same price, not absolutely sure) and then stage 2 $43,700 per person?; is that also how you see it? Kind regards and thanks in advance

Hi Troglo,
This is a very specialised area and it sounds like you would be better speaking to someone who has a thorough understanding of visas and immigration. Perhaps someone else on the forum may have experienced something similar and maybe able to offer advice.
The Agedcare101 Team