Special circumstances income test

Hubby, oap, 90.
I am 50. Married two years on legal advice in an effort to break an unconscionable deed hubby signed whereby his unit transferred to his niece on his permanently leaving unit
Ncat got involved, hubby given pub guardian, trustee.
Hubby went to hospital for checkup after minor fall, then guardian sent to respite. He is now going onto permanent residency. No choice.
Trustee legal department involved but will not advise, return calls, etc
Hubby and I will be separated due to illness.
However income test will still apply.
Is this a special circumstance?
What can we do? I need to earn money again.

Hi Dusticat9,Given the different issues you mention I would recommend that you contact the organisation OPAN Older Persons Advocacy Network. They have offices in each state. OPAN is a government funded organisation that supports consumers and their families and representatives to effectively access and interact with Commonwealth funded aged care services and have their rights protected. It is a free service that is independent and confidential. You can call them on 1800 700 600 to be connected with the aged care advocacy organisation in your state or territory. You can click on the link below to their website.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards,
The Agedcare101 Team.