Separated Couple

My father is aged 66 and separated from his wife back in January (5 months ago). My father’s wife is 11 year younger than him, and so up until his separation wasn’t able to receive the aged pension. He applied for the aged pension in January, shortly after being asked to move out of their home. He found somewhere to rent, moved in and really struggled to look after himself. He was subseqently evicted from the rental unit 3 months later, having not been able to pay his rent, electicity, phone etc… He ended up in hospital with kidney failure due to malnutrition and dehydration and while there was diagnosed with vascular dementia.
My father is currently in respite care in an aged care facility, and has been assessed and approved for permanent aged care. I’m trying to fill in the ‘Permanent Residential Aged Care Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment’ form.
The definition of a partner on the front of the form doesn’t seem to work for a separated person. The home that dad was asked to move out from has just the wife’s name on the title, but dad maybe entitled to some of the value of the asset. It has to go through the lawyers to figure it out. The house is worth about $220K, and they have a mortgage of $74K.
My question is - do I fill in the form as if dad has a partner, or not a partner? And if not, how do I explain that dad can’t sell the asset because his separated wife is living there, and that the house won’t be sold until their divorce is finalised (over 7 months from now).
On a side note: my dad’s aged pension was approved yesterday (5 months after his application).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your forum question. It sounds like your father may be assessed as a fully supported resident. If this is the case then the government may assist with a lot of the costs of your father moving into a residential aged care home, including the accommodation costs. In terms of how to fill out the combined assets and income assessment form this is a complex one as his wife is still living in the home and the divorce is not final. What I would recommend is that you call The Department of Human Services on 1800 227 475. Unlike the main My Aged Care call centre number, this number is dedicated to financial questions especially around the combined assets and income assessment form.
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