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Hi, I’m considering self managing my 84 yo Mum’s HCP4 . Only a month in but we are not receiving anything but 3 half days sitting with Mum while I’m working. I’m struggling to work 5 half days, look after 3 kids and help Mum. She won’t have carers change or wash her (bed bound) and only wants me to do it as it’s very upsetting for her. My question is, my daughter has Cert III and will start working with a company shortly but can Mum hire her as a worker for some of those half days I’m at work? Thank you for any help and advice.

Hi there,

Its a lot, isn’t it. A couple of things to consider here. I will start with the one I am not sure on.

Can an immediate family member (even if she has a Cert 3 and aged care experience) be paid to be a care worker as part of a Home Care Package? Not 100% sure and seeing mixed answers on the internet. Best to go straight to the government on this one and call the My Aged Care call centre. 1800 200 422.

If the answer is yes, this is ok, then there are some business logistics to nut out. Your daughter will need to work for the Home Care Package provider that your mum’s Home Care Package is with. Your daughter will then need to be rostered on to your mum’s care duty within her overall roster (which should not be assumed). Maybe the best thing is to call your mum’s current package provider and sus out how they feel about requesting specific staff or if the overall rostering doesn’t really guarantee it. Maybe hold off saying you are planning for the career to be your daughter.

If you are thinking to self manage your mum’s care plan, you could use self navigate platforms such as Five Good Friends or Mable A Comprehensive Guide to Home Care Packages | Mable. Do your own reading to see if they are right for your mum and her situation. In these self managed platforms, I believe you are then in complete control as to which care workers you use to deliver different elements of your mum’s care package. I believe the care workers will need to be registered on the same platform.

Here could be some handy reading about what is involved in self managing a Home Care Package.

As it sounds like you are with a package provider already, you will need to change package providers to either Five Good Friends or Mable (or other similar package providers that suit your needs). Then your daughter would need to register with them too. You will need to do more reading as to what the process is for your daughter to get approved as a care worker.

These are just some different suggested approaches. While I have heard of both Five Good Friends and Mable, I have not used them, so can’t give them my endorsement. I encourage you to do your research to see if this will meet your mum’s, yours and your daughter’s needs.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.
The agedcare101 team