My Mum has no property to sell, only Centrelink pension, plus a small overseas pension. She has about $95,000 in her bank account. Will she have to use all her savings towards nursing home costs.

Thank you

Hi again Nicky,

Sorry, we have a little update.

Previously we said the minimum amount your mum must have available to her was $48,500. There was another update last month and this amount has increased slightly to $49,000. Thanks

Hi Nicky,
Thank you for your question. There is a minimum amount your mum must have available to her. Currently, that amount is $48,500. It sounds like there may be government contributions that she is able to apply for. The first thing that you will need to do is complete the Combined Income and Assets test. You are able to find a link to the form on our site here: How do I complete an income and assets test? | agedcare101 The finance side of moving someone into an aged care home is a little complicated and there are multiple fees that need to be paid. If you’re interested in doing some more reading to get your head around it, we would recommend starting at this part of our site and continue to the end of chapter 4. What are the main costs of an aged care home? | agedcare101
We hope this helps.
The agedcare101 team