Anyone know what to do if you are a carer and need respite care, but the person with power of attorney cancels it?

Hello again,
When you say, she didn’t like where it was it sounds like the planned respite care was in a nursing home.
There are other respite options which would allow the person needing care to remain at home - even if they need overnight care. This may be offered through the Commonwealth Home Support Program which means that the care is generally Government-subsidised. If the government is subsidising the care, then the request has to go through My Aged Care - which is government run. They have a fantastic call centre so my strong recommendation is that you call them on 1800 200 422 and explain the scenario about the carer needing a break and that you’re looking for at home respite options. If you start specifically talking about the person who needs care, then My Aged Care will ask for permission to act on their behalf which of course the Power of Attorney has not you.
What I would suggest n you can go back to the Power of Attorney and put forward other respite care options that don’t involve the person receiving care having to temporarily go into a nursing home.
We hope that helps,
The agedcare101 team

It was cancelled because she didn’t like where it was. What can the carer do who needs a break?

Hi there,
This is a bit of a tricky one. Perhaps the first step is finding out why the person with power of attorney cancelled the respite care. I think understanding the reason behind the decision is key for us being able to offer some advise and suggest some options.
Let us know once you do and we can try and help more.
The agedcare101 team