Respite Entitlement for Category 3

Hi Im trying to find if my Mum is entitled to a couple of weeks of respite care through Xmas?

Hi Cath,
Good if you could put most of the assets in the kids name, but unfortunately gifting rules would apply. I think you’re only allowed to gift $10000 per year or $30000 over 5 years from memory, anything above that is still counted in with his mum’s assets. Fair enough the pension covers the expenses for people eligible to get the pension. They say the daily fee is $52.25 per day, I don’t see why that fee can’t be the same for everyone regardless of whether it comes out of the pension or out of people’s own pocket, it should the same for all, I see some people pay up to a $100 per day, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to sustain that long term. My situation would be the same I would have to pay at least $600 a week if I were to put my husband in permanent care. If i stay alive that is, otherwise it could be double as he would then own the assets 100% instead of 50%.They forget the partners still have to able to afford to live as well. I’d be prepared to pay the RAD and any extras if they’re needed, but then I think the daily fee should be the same for all. Like you say nursing homes are a business , but it seems to me that they’re not satisfied until they have left you on your last 50k . You really need to start offloading most of your assets once you turn 70 so that by the time you’re 80 you’re eligible for the pension. It’s ridiculous, it shouldn’t have to come to that. At this stage I’ll only be putting my husband in respite if the need arises, we are allowed 63 days per year. Permanent care will be a last resort.

Hi Mike, being through it twice, about to again a third time. Absolutely you can - which ever nursing home you are choosing, just push for the maximum respite you want. The Government will pay for all of it. Cheers, Good Luck it is a minefield out there. If you are going to place permanent. Remember nursing homes are ONLY a business. Push for the lowest RAD (the deposit) then put in the lowest means test possible (eg: only $10,000) in assets, all their cash in your name, put them on the pension. The pension then pays for their daily fees, you should not be out of pocket as long as you remember they are in it to make money only, in saying that most not all of the nurses are great. If you cop a bad one, move your Mum when you go permanent. Do not think you can sustain looking after her yourself - you will die young. Your Dad if alive or yourself can still live in the family home, you DO NOT need to sell it. Pay the minimal RAD (after your Respite) and let the aged pension pay for their daily fees. Watch out for “ADDITIONAL FEES” these included cocktails and things your Mum might not be able to to do. Do not sign anything or agree to Additional fees unless she is well enough to participate. Take the contract away for your solicitor to check before signing anything if you are the EPOA. Trust me, Got burnt for a hundred thousand the 1st time around, but not the second and definitely not the third. Hopes this helps.

Cheers, Cath