Resident agreement

My mother has just signed a resident agreement for a place in a nursing home but has changed her mind. Can she get out of the agreement?

You can use the agedcare101 search facility to find aged care homes (nursing homes) that are: In a location you are happy with, that meet your mothers specific needs that have the philosophy and look that you like and that your mother can afford.Once you have narrowed your search down to a short list, ring the aged care home/homes and organize a tour. You will need to book this in advance. This will give you the best idea if that home is the right one

How do I find the best nursing home to suit my mothers

After you have signed the Resident Agreement you have 14 days to change your mind: If you want to withdraw from the Resident Agreement within 14 days of signing, you need to let your aged care home (nursing home) know straight away, in writing. You will still need to pay your care fees and charges for the care you’ve received during the 14 days. If you’ve made any other payments to the home during that time, you are entitled to a refund. To end your Resident Agreement at any time, you will have to give notice to the home, preferably in writing. If you decide you’d like to make changes to your Resident Agreement, both you and your aged care home (nursing home)