Rent Assistance

We live in a Lifestyle Village,we own our Manufactured home and pay a site rent for which we recieve rent assistance. My wife has Alzheimers and will need to go into care. is rent assistance taken into account for combined income and assests,when my wife goes into care her 50% of will not be paid. Will I be able to get the full rent assistance as I will be a single pensioner. Thank You

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your question. Finances are always tricky as they are different for each individual. The rules about rental assistance are a little bit out of our area as it isn’t exclusively around aged care. A call centre that may be able to provide some advice can be reached on 1800 227 475. This is for the DHS Income and Assets helpline.

This link may also help with more information.

We hope this helps point you in the right direction.