RAD Refunds

While my husband was in Restpite a permanent place became available for him and I thought it was best to take it to avoid going back on the waiting list and his dementia is getting worse. I have paid the full RAD to avoid paying the high mpir which is dead money as its not refundable. I always thought that this RAD would go back to the person who has paid it like myself or back into a nominated account. But this is not the case. Regardless who has paid this RAD if my husband passes away while he’s still in residential care, the RAD will go back into his estate. All well and good for me as I’m named in the will, but family members need to be careful before they commit paying for a RAD in case they’re not beneficiaries, because they may not get this money back. So why is it that the RAD is not being paid back to the person who has actually paid for it. Even he leaves the home and comes home the money would still go to him, so i won’t be closing our joint account.