Protected person needing to sell home

My mother needs to go into aged care however my father will still be living in the family home and qualifies as a protected person. They are in another city to me, their only family member, and my Dad can no longer drive so our plan is to move them both to the city I am in. If we sell the “protected” home either before or after Mum goes into care, does that mean that half of the money received in the sale goes into Mum’s name and would then need to be used as a RAD? Their house isn’t worth a great deal so there is no way that I could get Dad into something down here with half of the money. Any advice as I am very new to all of this!?! Thanks!

Hi Nicoletgood,
Aged care finances can be confusing and potentially complicated depending on your parents financial situation. It is important that decisions are made that are in your parents best interests both short and long term. For this reason we always recommend that you seek specialist aged care financial advice - it can save you a lot of stress and money. I suggest that firstly you contact Centrelink Financial division on 1800 227 475 to get the correct advice. They are responsible for over seeing your mother’s Income and Assets assessment and calculating how much financial assistance she will be eligible from the Federal Government. They should be able to advise you about protected person status and implications for asset assessment and the age pension etc. If you still feel that you need further assistance then I would recommend you then contact a financial adviser.
Kind regards.