Permanent Residential Aged Care Request For a Combined Assets & Income Assessment (income assessment form)

Hi, I’m trying to help my elderly mum fill out the above Centrelink form, as she was asked to submit this for my father who is in hospital. We’re having difficulty interpreting question 20 that askes if our request for assessment is for aprevious admission, a current admission, or a future admission.My father has been assessed before, for the low-level Care facility he has been in until currently hospitalized. His belongings are still at the original Care facility, but he will be soon moving to a high-level Care facility. Any advice on how to choose, would be gratefully received! Many thanks, Kit

Hi Kit,
Thanks for your question. Hmmm it is not totally clear, is it? It is our belief that they are referring to a future admission. It sounds to us that you are filling out the Combined Assets & Income Assessment form for the purpose of your father moving from a low care facility to a high care facility. If we have understood this correctly then the assets & income assessment will be referring to your father’s stay in the high care facility - being a future admission. We do know of a help number that you could call if you are still unsure. It is 1800 227 475 for the Department of Human Service and they are able to answer questions around the Combined Assets & Income Assessment form.

We hope this helps,
The AgedCare101 Team.