My brother, for whom I am Guardian, tragically got early onset dementia in his early 60s and has been in the same nursing home ever since, which he loves. He has been in the NDIS for a number of years and has benefited greatly from their services. Now he has turned 65 he is still able to be covered by NDIS but the nursing home says I have to choose between the NDIS and his residence. This has come after 8 long months of lock down which has seen a great deterioration in his condition. Even his nurses confirm that he gets great comfort from the return of his NDIS visitors and activities. Does his nursing home have the right to evict him if he stays in the NDIS?


i feel so bad :frowning:

It’s so sad that dementia comes at such an early age…

Hi Mary, Unfortunately the NDIS is not an area of care that we cover in agedcare101 but hopefully some of our other forum users may be able to assist you. My suggestion would be to contact NDIS to discuss your brothers situation on 1800 800 110You could also contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422Kind regards