Moving Nursing Homes


My Aunt wishes to move to a new nursing home. She is currently in permanent care in a nursing home and wants to move to another. When I speak to the potential new nursing home, they ask for access to her ACAS assessment. I have a summary with referral codes and an AC number, but because she is within eprmanent care already, no one else apart from her current nursing home can get access to the full assessment. How can a new nursing home assess whether they can look afetr her without being able to access the full ACAS assessment? I have spoken to many people and agencies and all I get back is that I have to cancel her current care and then a new number will be generated and acess will be possible. BUT, that seems stupid because the potential new home needs to assess her before they offer her a place formally. So, what I am being told is that there is no method for her to be assessed without canceling ehr current care in the nursing home she is within. Thanks.

Hi willenard,
According to the government’s My Aged Care you can ring the office that did the ACAT and they will email you a copy of the assessment. If you don’t have the organisation’s contact details you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 with the AC number and they can find the contact number for you.