Living separately and apart - Gifting to spouse

My father lives permanently in aged care after having several strokes.
He and my mother are legally married but for Centrelink purposes classed as ‘living separately and apart’ as my mother still works full time (but pension age) and her income was reducing my father’s pension.
As my father is solely reliant on the pension and has no other income and assets apart from the family home (currently exempt) shared with my mum, this allows him a full single pension which covers the costs of his residential aged care and avoids the means-tested fee.

My dad wants to transfer his portion of ownership (50%) of the house to my mum. As I understand it there are no gifting rules between partners, but as they are now both classed and singles for Centrelink purposes despite being legal partners, will this affect his pension and means-tested fee?

I have scoured the legislation and cant find anything that applies to this situation.

Hi Hobart1901, I suggest you call the Deparment Human Services Income and Assets division on 1800 227 475 and speak with them directly. They are responsible for all age pension decisions as well as determining aged care fee structures so would be the best avenue for clear advice I would think. The other alternative is to speak with a specialist aged care financial adviser. Regards