Listing of "soft" facilities vs "harsh? - re: CoVid lockdowns

Hello, I’ve noticed that some nursing homes have a very strict policy when it comes to CoVid restrictions / lockdowns - over and above government directives. I remember Scott Morrison ticking off certain nursing homes for their refusal to allow any visits at all - when this wasn’t a government requirement at all. I understand the argument from both sides, and that the facility has a duty of care to all residents, not just my mum. But a complete lockdown - forbidding all family visits - seems very cruel particularly for QLD which has relatively very few cases. It is especially cruel in instances where both the QLD health & the commonwealth govt haven’t issued a directive enforcing lockdowns - and we have something like one or two cases at any one time.

The question for adult children like us, is - how do we know which facility is going to go above and beyond the govt recommendations? And if this does happen - what then? Has anyone here taken their parent out of a nursing home & back home with them because of draconian measures like this? What are the repercussions? Would ACAT then have to re-assess you all over again?

If I was in Mum’s position I’d much prefer to take a very small risk and see my children once a day. I’d imagine nearly everyone else would feel the same way.

Hi Loren,

The Australian Government has recently (14/8/20) provided information and advice regarding residents accessing temporary leave from residential aged care due to Covid19 which should answer your questions. I have provided the link below.


Hi LorenI think that in a way we’re lucky that your mum and my mum are in a nursing home in Queensland, and not in Victoria, where I live. Every night lately we see horror stories on the news regarding the aged care facilities around Melbourne. But I also think that they should allow a close family member to visit residents in nursing homes even if it’s only for an hour or so. With nobody allowed in I feel that that these facilities have free reign to do as they please. At least before this covid 19 , family and friends were able to see for them selves how their loved one was being looked after. We have a 94 year old friend in a nursing home in South Australia that we used to visit every couple of months before the borders were closed, his daughter and son and their family are allowed to visit him , but they do a temperature check before they’re allowed to go in to see him. Can’t see why Queensland can’t do the same.