Item codes on care provider invoices?

Hi, unfortunately for me as with mos, I have just been thrown in the deep end with my fathers age care.
my first question is about the anacronyms used on the care provider invoices, are they a government standard line item or are they made up by the care provider?
I have:

  • CHSP Domestic assistance ?
  • CHSP Social support individual ?
  • DRS CRCS Flexible respite ?

The question to follow will be “can my fathers home care package pay these or does he have to pay them”
Thanks in advance,

Hi Daveb,
My understanding is that those acronyms refer to standard government items.
If the invoice is asking your father to pay a certain amount then I would assume that that is the amount owed above what he has been allocated in funding by the government for his Home Care services. If there is no payment request on the invoice (rather an outline of services provided for that month) then one would assume that your fathers package has covered the service costs and there is no top up required to be paid .If you have any concerns about the Home Care package cost ring the package provider for clarification so that you have a full understanding of the services they are providing for your father.
Kind regards,