Is the additional services fee negotiable?

I would appreciate some advice about the additional services fee. My mother suffers from advanced dementia so does not require additional services. She would not appreciate or understand the value of any additional services such as a glass of wine and 1000 thread count sheets. I would like to find out if this additional services fee is compulsory or can I negotiate the removal of this fee and no extra services be provided to my mother? Thanks for your advice.

A trial of respite care sounds like a good solution for your mother. With regards to additional services it depends on whether the nursing home is designated as an Extra Services home. Extra service fees apply to residents in an aged care home that is designated as an Extra Service home. These homes receive government approval to provide additional hotel type services and a higher than average standard of accommodation, meals and non- care services ( eg recreational activities and entertainment ) than the average provided by homes that do not have the Extra Service status. Extra Service does not refer to the level of care as all aged care homes are required to meet designated care standards for all residents. Residents are usually charged a higher daily fee for the extra service - i.e. the extra service amount which will be compulsory. Some Extra Services homes may allocate a certain number of rooms for this purpose giving residents and providers increased flexibility. Aged care homes with dedicated Service places are now required to publish their extra service fees on the My Aged Care website and their own website. Other aged care homes not designated Extra Services status may offer Additional Services with associated fees. These are not regulated, can vary from home to home and are agreed upon by you and your aged care provider. Aged care fees are complex so speak to the home and ask them to explain all the fees.