Human services

I received a new daily fee assesment and it has doubled?? I contacted Vet Affairs, as Mums pension etc is with them. They couldn’t help as the assesment is through Dept of human services, however were very help full with figures to give them, and as there are no changes cannot understand the new fees. After a long wait on the phone, they wouldn’t answer any questions as I am only a nominee with Vet Affairs and not them…I now have to fill in forms, send them off to be able to ask any questions.If I am a nominee with Vet Affairs, government affiliated why?. This is so frustrating and so not acceptable. Anyone else had to deal with this totalbureaucratic load of crap???

I think it’s about time they were all linked?? It’s so frustating!!

Yep. One human services person described the way it works like a shopping centre. There is only one shopping centre, but each shop has its own system/loyalty card etc. Thus you need separate nominee forms for Human Services, Centrelink, Medicare, My Aged care etc etc. And yes, means tested fees jump around quite a lot even though nothing has substantially changed in income or assets. When queried, they say the system has glitched and there is nothing to do about it. They have said they won’t chase you if they have underestimated the fee, and you have to persist to get the fee reviewed in an adhoc fashion.