How do I arrange for someone to administer medication

We are looking for someone to make sure my MIL takes her medication Monday - Friday.
Where would I start ??

Hi Shelly6,
If your mother in law only requires assistance with taking her medictions (ie she does not require a “package of services” )then she would be best advised to apply for the Commonwealth Home Support program (CHSP). I have provided the link about this program on our website. If she requires a “package of services” then she may be best to apply for a Home Care package. What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program | agedcare101. For both services she will need to ring My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to register and be allocated a client number. They will ask her some questions which will help dictate which service they believe is the most appropriate for her. If she is best served by CHSP then My Aged Care will organise an RAS - Regional Assessment Service. Once that is done My Aged Care will then help with refering your mother in law to a service provider. If she requires a package of services ie a Home Care package My Aged Care will organise an ACAT assessment. This can take up to 6 weeks depending on where she lives and the assessors available. Although it can be arranged within 48 hours in the case of an emergency. Whilst the Australian government funds the CHSP there is a fee for each service. The amount you contribute depends on your income and the type and number of services require. For a Home Care package you have to submit an income assessment to see what you are eligible for in government funding. Each of the four levels of Home Care package has a specific allocation of funds for each level. You can read about Home care packages at the link on our website: Home Care in Australia | agedcare101
Regards Jill