Home Care Packages allocated directly to the person receiving care - Packages to be portable so that consumers can change

It would be necessary to describe the precise process, where a customer or client, would be able to seek the allocation of Home Care Package funding directly to the person receiving care, as well as the assignment of a Home Care Package to be a portable instrument in the event of a Client or Consumer who would be considering to move and take their package with them. - The Question here is, - What would constitute the required and appropriate processes, in order to faciliate this process, and which Organisation or Authority is required to be informed of this intention by the Client or Consumer ?

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The good news is we have got a very comprehensive Home Care section coming to the site shortly.
To answer your question, if you are receiving a Home Care Package, the funding is provided to a Home Care Package Provider of your choosing. The funding would never go to the actual bank account of the person receiving care as you are probably aware. Your package provider works with you to provide the correct support and care for you and then your package provider pays for this support and care from your Home Care funding.
You are able to move your Home Care Package from one Package Provider to another. Your current Home Care Package provider may charge an exit fee of any unspent funds. They cant charge an exit fee more than any funds you have in your package. The steps to changing your Home Care Package Provider is first to research and find a new Package Provider that you like and to ma you and your package on.

You should call My Aged Care call centre on 1800 200 422 and tell them you wish to change Package Providers they usually keep these things on file in some way. Once you have secured a spot with your new Package Provider, then you can notify your current package provider (or have the new Package Providers do this). The amount of notice required will be in your Home Care Agreement that both you and your current Package Provider would have signed. At this point they may charge the exit fee I previously mentioned. They may not, not all Package Providers do, but they have the right to.
The exit fee amount would be in your Home Care Agreement too. If it is not, the Package Provider should have it posted on My Aged Care website (it will also be on our site when we launch our Home Care additions. (It is my understanding it is a requirement that they make this exit fee publicly known.)
Your current Package Providers must continue though you have given notice that you’re moving Package Providers. Once your agreed notice is up with your current provider, you should be able to move any remaining Home Care Package funding (less the exit fee) from your package to your new Package Providers and start the process of creating your custom Care Management Plan.
Home Care is complex.

We hope this helps.