High income but no assets : Accomodation charge

Whats the situation if you have a partner (remains in the home) who is earning $250,000 p.a. but they have no other assets. I am aware of the implication on the the Daily Care and Means Tested fee, but dont know what the outcome is for a RAD/DAP scenario. Assuming the RAD is $500,000.
Is there an income test to determine RAD cost, when the assets are Nil to fund one?


Hi there,
Thanks for asking. Financing a move into a nursing home is always very complex. You mentioned partner rather than husband/wife. It makes a difference if Centrelink see you as a couple or as separate people. If you are separate people and one is earning a large salary then this will have no bearing on the person who is in care and the government assistance they may be able to receive. You could make a call to My Aged Cares division that handles financial questions on 1800 227 475. I would say you are just gathering information, which means you don’t have to provide details such as your medicare card etc. Next, I would very strongly advise that you speak to a Financial Advisor who specialises in Aged Care matters. The knowledge they have about every financial nuances and how this specifically applies to you is worth checking.