Help with understanding fees

hoping someone can shed light on my situation currently… my mother in law has just gone into respite and we are looking at permanent care… her situation is she is separated from her husband and they have lived apart for 16 years but still own a house together council rated at $340,000.
Neither of them live in the house as the father in law came back to live in our house when he was sick. mother In law receives full pension.
The house is rented to pay for mother in laws current rental house.
i am concerned that any assessment will result in a big deposit needed which we cannot afford.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi Bat, Thank you for your question. Aged Care facilities all work a little bit differently and they are allowed to, within reason, so long as everything they propose to do is outlined in the Resident Agreement and the Accommodation Agreement. Sometimes an Aged Care facility will combine the two agreements into one document. You can read more about the agreements here on our website: What are the types of aged care legal agreements? | agedcare101. If the terms of payment are being breached when compared to what is in the agreement signed by your father (or fathers representative), then the first step is to calmly ask the Aged Care Manager about it. Also, it should be known that if your father leaves and there are advance payments made, these payments should be refunded to your father or your fathers estate. This too should be detailed in the signed agreements. We hope this helps.

Hi my father moved into aged care in Adelaide, South Australia in April 2018.Can someone please advise if the aged care facility can debit his account in advance.EG $50.16/day is the daily rate and they want to charge a month in advance at all time. He has no assets ($$$ or house or car) and is 93 years of age.So in April they wanted April and May. In May they wanted June and in July they want August etc.regards,

Hi Jb1972,
Your situation sounds quite complex and not straight forward. Given that you seem to be asking what impact the value of the rental house will have on your parents Income and Assets assessment you could ring the Department of Human Services on 1800 227 475 which is their contact number to assist with queries about these types of issues.