Help me please!

Hi all, my father fell down last week and fractured his legs. Doctor advised him to take complete rest. I was on leave for a week since he had difficulty in walking due to severe pain. I?m planning to appoint a caretaker for him. Not sure if he would like a stranger looking after him. I am searching for an alternative and my friend suggested installing a wireless nurse call system which can be operated by even seniors like my father. I am hearing about this type of system for the first time and would like to get your suggestions. Is it feasible to install such a system for a temporary period? Help me with ideas.

Hi merian5,Your poor dad!Have you considered accessing some government funded home care for your father. I assume he has not had reason for an ACAT assessment as yet as it sounds as though he has been pretty independent prior to his fall? If he hasnt been assessed there is a waiting period ( Im not sure how long at the moment) but if you spoke with My Aged Care and told them that it is an emergency ( two broken legs) they can organise an ACAT quickly in emergency circumstances I believe.You could then access home care on one of 4 different levels - ranging from $8,045 for level 1 through to level 4 being the highest which is $48,906/year. I believe that you can front load this amount which means you can allocate your funds to a shorter more intensive use rather then spread evenly over the year.This is worked out in your care plan after a care provider has been organised. Depending on your father’s financial circumstances your father can top this up with his own funds if not adequate for his situation. Yill need to contact My Aged Care to organise this. Just a thought.Jill