Health Insurance

One of my parents is in an aged care facility - the other parent is at home. They have couples private health insurance. The parent in the nursing home is not mobile and is 86. They are both on the maximum aged pension. Are they better off changing the couples health insurance to a singles only insurance for the parent remaining at home only - as the parent in the nursing home is unlikely to need private health insurance in the future??
thanks for your advice

Your parents entire life is totally depends on your decisions,so be car

Hi Rwarrier,
Thanks for your question. It is something to consider, but keep in mind that a nursing home is not a hospital. If the parent in the nursing home falls over and needs to have an operation on a leg for example, then that parent would be going through the public hospital system. So make your decision knowing that a nursing home provides care to their best ability, but should something serious happen, then that parent would leave the nursing home and go to a hospital.
We hope this helps.