HCP and Aged Care Home eligibilities

My mother-in-law may need to arrange HCP but she is a visitor. Wondering if there are private home caring services provided by some agencies for non-residents of Australia.

Can someone help me to find out exactly what you are allowed to claim on a HCP? Ive been told I cant buy asprin eye drops etc without a doctors letter but the inclusions dont mention any of this. It is all vague. Is there a group anywhere who helps/discusses these issues? The providers just knock back items with no expl

Hi raymondkwtam, My understanding is that most of the Home Care Package providers will supply home care services on a private basis as well as to holders of a government funded Home Care package, You will just need to contact them direct. You can find these providers on this website in the Home Care section. Here is the link: Home Care in Australia | agedcare101
We hope this helps.