Friend part owner of home

l own 51% of the home + have been caring for the person l share with who owns 49%, but l only receive a carers allowance. He is going into full time care, am l protected or will the home have to be sold?

I am not eligable for the carers pension + only get the carers allowance. Thank you for your reply

Hi gpeck,
Thanks for your question. It is our understanding that a ‘Protected Person’ can live in a home and the home will not be seen as an asset for the person going into care. You will also be considered a Protected Person if you are a carer who is eligible to receive an Australian Government income support payment and have been living in your home for the past 2 years. It is our belief that receiving this Government Income Support Payment is key. You must continue to be in receipt of a Centrelink or DVA income support payment to qualify as a Protected Person. To be sure, you can check with the Department of Human Services about your Protected Person status. Their number is 1800 555 254.We hope this