Extra services fee - are there minimum standards?

Looking at a local facility on myagedcare, they say the extra services fee of $30-50/day gives the resident “a choice of at least two hot meals per week” (among other ‘benefits’). I am quite shocked that this is offered as an extra cost item.
Aren’t there minimum standards for nursing home food? I would have expected at least one hot meal every day, not two a week. And that would be at the standard level, not an optional extra.
The other services also include a free visits from a podiatrist - wouldn’t that be covered by Medicare anyway, rather than up to $350/week?

Hi qakI think it is definately worth having that duscussion with the aged care home particularly as you are looking at increasing the bond payment.

Do you think a daily extra service fee could be negotiated down for an additional bond payment?

Affinity Aged care financial response as follows:Podiatry is not a service that is generally covered by Medicare.Extra services vary from home to home and are charged for the provision of additional andservices and higher standards of accommodation, food and services.To be able to charge an extra services fee a facility needs to obtain approval from theGovern

Thanks for the comments - TBH this home is a bit on the expensive side so I don’t think we will be pursuing those hot meals there anyway!

I have worked in over 50 differerent Age Care homes (both city and rural ) over the last 14 years and I have not worked in one that does not serve a hot meal daily. It is usually served at lunchtime and then a resident has an option for something “lighter” at tea time. Availability of hot breakfast may vary from home to home. However I have worked at many homes that provide an option of a hot breakfast daily. It is a question definately worth asking of the facility.Jill

have reviewed a lot of aged care facilities recently and the reference to ‘two hot meals a week’ refers to breakfast not general meals. In other words, residents receive two hot breakfasts a week.