EPOA mismanaging her mother's bank account

Hi, my step sister has been using her mother’s bank account as her own personal piggy bank and has taken a lot of money out. We don’t know how much is left or what she spent it on but now her mother has died. We found out the mother’s will was rewritten 7 weeks before she passed away. Most of the assets are not left to my father who is upset as he funded everything. We don’t know how to go about getting all the deceased wife’s bank statements to see if we have a case to pursue the step daughter for theft or using an EPOA for personal gain. Do we need a solicitor or does it need to go to court? Thanks in advance.

Hi gailpk,

I agree with Nellie that you will need to see a lawyer especially if your stepsister has EPOA.

Regards Jill

Hi Gailpk,
Best to see a solicitor if you think it needs to go to court. I doubt if the bank will release any bank statements otherwise. Not sure there’s a lot you can do now especially if the EPOA had no conditions or limitations but even so, I don’t think that gave her the right to clean out the bank accounts. Obviously your step sister felt the need to make sure that most of her mother’s estate went to her.