Emergency respite without an ACAT

good morning
I have been informed that if i do not have an ACAT assessment and need to go into respite care that i would have to pay the full fee of $250? but I have also been told that there is a 5-7 day window exception for the ACAT to be done so I only have to pay the basic daily care fee?
can someone tell me what is correct?

Hi CBrennan,
Robert Craven from Affinioty Aged Care Financial Services has provided this answer to your question: Without an ACAT, the facility does not receive any Government funding. Consequently, if the facility accepts a resident without an ACAT, they can offer an off-line bed and charge an agreed fee. They are still required to prepare a care plan and a fee agreement must be signed prior to entry. $250 per day is very reasonable typically $300 per day. The facility would normally charge this off-line daily fee and, if the ACAT was subsequently prepared/lodged and the respite subsidy & supplement paid, any amount that had been paid in excess of the $49.42 basic daily care fee (plus additional service fees if applicable to that facility) would be refunded. However, the refund amount would only be from the day that the subsidy & supplement.