Dying parent and another in a home

Hi, I have a parent who is still living in the Family home but has a terminal disease and another who is already in a nursing home with dimentia. they are on seperate pensions already. Together they own the family home. My parent who is terminal would like to give half the home to the kids when they pass away but of course wants to see the partner with dimentia still looked after in the nursing home. The Family home is worth around $400K. If this is to happen what would happen with the accomodation for the nursing home what would be the payment needed to keep the room they are already in? What would be the RAD or DAP? is it a maximum of $200K - $47500?
Thanks for your help

Hi DB972I am sorry to hear about your parent. A very difficult time. I spoke with Robert Craven at Affinity Aged care Financial Services and he responded that it is difficult to answer this question without knowing for certain if your parent in the aged care facility has been assessed as a supported resident and the value of their other assets (bank accounts, household contents etc). If your parent in the aged care home has been assessed as a supported resident and their other combined assets were less than $95,000, then they would only be paying the basic daily care fee currently $49.42 per day. If your parents other combined assets were between $95,000 and $325,630, they would also be paying a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) and possibly a small Means Tested Fee. If their other assets exceed $325,630, they would be a non-supported/market payer. Normally family homes are owned as joint tenants and the ownership automatically passes to the surg your terminally ill parent still has capacity, they need to consult a solicitor and change the tile to tenants in common and then change his/her Will to leave their 50% directly to the children. Robert stated that this is a complex question and your family would be well advised to consult a specialist aged care adviser ASAP to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcome.