Daily Accommodation Contribution

My mother is being accepted at an aged care facility as a supported resident and she meets the Centrelink criteria. I am being given a choice of rooms. I believe that tthe accommodation price I willpay for DAC will be the same amount regardless of what room I select
I am thinking I should definitely get one of their better rooms , especially as Mum will be paying the same amount anyway. Can you confirm that as long as Mum is accepted as a supported resident , that the DAC that Mum pays remains the same?I got the figure Mum pays for DAC on the MYAGEDCARE website .
Thanks for your help.

Wow! That advice is beyond helpful in clarifying next steps. Than you Thank you, Thank you

Thanks for your question, we know residential aged care finances can be tricky! Just to clarify, if your mother has been assessed as having assets less than $52,500, she will be considered a supported resident and will only have to pay her Basic Daily Care Fee (as well as an extra fees such as cable TV, in house hairdressing etc. these fees vary at different homes so best to speak to them directly for more information).

If she has assets above $52,500 but below $178,839.20 then she will be considered a partially supported resident as will have to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee as well as the Daily Accommodation Contribution (and any extras, as mentioned above). It is our understanding that once you have been advised what her DAC will be, the remaining cost will be paid by the government, meaning you should be able to choose the better room. As always, we recommend speaking with a financial advisor who specialises in Aged Care who can give you tailored advice for your situation. Check:

for some options, they have a free service to help you make informed decisions. We hope that helps, the agedcare101 team