Dad can't hear or answer the question on the call

Hi there,
We have tried to get my dad a Aged Care Assessment but he was unable to answer the question on the phone. They said his doctor could register him for the Aged Care Assessment but when I spoke to the doctor he knew nothing of it. The Doctor said just bring in the form and he will fill it in. However I can’t find any form. Can someone point me in the right direction.

Hi 66blueute,
If your dad is unable to answer questions to the phone staff at My Aged Care he can nominate a “representative” to speak on his behalf. This can be a family member, his GP, friend or service provider etc. To register as a representative you download the form from the My Aged Care under Appointment of a Representative form at Arranging someone to support you | My Aged Care. So you can choose to fill in this form or your GP can. However it would probably be easier of you do so as by becoming a repreentative you have the ability to talk to My Aged Care assessors and service providers, receive phone calls and letters and become a point of contact for information on your father’s assessment and services. My Aged Care will create a client record for the representative so they are sure they are speaking with the right person whenever you contact them. Your father can nominate more than one representative if he chooses. Regards