Client Record and confidentiality

What is a client record? And is the information on my Client record confidential? If not, who has the access to my records.

Every person (client) looking for a Commonwealth subsidised aged care service needs to have a client record.The client record is created and located on the Governments My Aged Care website. It contains all your relevant details in one central location, including details about you and your carer(s), your assessed care needs, your support plans and information about the services you receive. Your client record makes communication easier for the people who need to use that information you, the aged care service providers, assessors and your nominated healthcare professionals. It also ensures the information remains consistent and helps prevent you from having to repeat your details over and over.You and your carer or other representative can view and access your record, including updating personal details, reviewing your support plan and tracking the progress of referrals, using your myGov account. Aged care service providers and assessors access your record throu.My Aged Care states that all personal information will be collected, used and disclosed with appropriate privacy consents and notifications, in compliance with relevant privacy laws.