Checking my understanding

So based on:

Department of Human Services you will be expected to pay one of the following:Subsidised accommodation costs: if your income and assets are below a certain amount, the Australian Government will subsidise your accommodation accommodation payment: if you are required to pay for the full cost of your accommodation.

Does the results of 18 or so dollars I got using the fee estimator tool mean that
Our means tested contribution of 18 dollars is part of acom fee not on top? That makes it just 67 per day we pay. 49.07 plus 18 of full 68 accom fee for example.

You cannot be asked to pay a contribution and a payment. So this seems right.
Thanks if you can confirm

Hi again,
It is hard to know without seeing your exact results, but the figure in bold that says Total $ per day is the total figure to use as a guide.
Where it says “*actual amount depends on cost of your care” until you have selected a specific nursing home and actually gone in and spoken with them, you can’t be 100% sure of what the exact costs are going to be. There is sometimes room for negotiation with the nursing home on accommodation costs for example. The fee estimator is to be used as a guide only.
I hope that helps,
the agedcare101

Hi Thank - but n ext to the mean tested care fees result it say * actual amount depends on cost of your care - what does this mean? Apart from that, it would then be $49.07 + nil service fee + $18 mean tested care fee + $64 dollar per day accom fee is that right? I thought the centrelink wording meant that we contributed 18 out of the full 64 accom fee being asked but I guess thats wrong. that mean what we pa is more than dads

Hi there again,
When using the fee estimator tool, the costs are broken down into the 4 different cost types:

Basic daily fee - $49.07 per day
Optional service fee - to be discussed with your nursing home
Means- tested care fee - $ per day.
Accommodation payment - $ per day or a lump sum or combination of daily accommodation payment and part lump sum

Total $ per day
Then at the bottom it has in bold, Total $ per day. This total is made up of all 4 of the different cost types added together and is the final figure you could expect to pay.
In your case if I have understood you correctly, then you could expect to pay $67.07 per day which is the basic daily fee of $49.07 and the means tested care fee of $18 plus the daily accommodation payment which is charged based on the outstanding Residential Accommodation Deposit at 5.73% pa interest currently.

Hi there,I have passed your question onto our expert adviser at Affinity Aged Care Financial Advisers to clarify 100% and will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.RegardsAgedcare101 team.