Charged for time prior to admittance

Hi to anyone who can help me a bit with this. My father has been placed in transitional care at a facility on the 15th August, however I got the first invoice for his care, and its dated for the 2nd August to the 16th August. I have responded asking why he is being charged for time he was not at the facility. Can they do this?

Help very much appreciated - this is quite the minefield.

Usually nursing homes charge in arrears so really you should be getting an invoice on the 30th of August for the last 2 weeks that your dad was in care.
You’re right it is a minefield i found that as long as they can direct debit my bank account you’ll have no problems with them. What did they tell you when you asked them about them charging you for when your dad wasn’t even in the home? I’m sure they’ll have an answer.


Hi Nellie,

I appreciate your response. I got it sorted out thankfully. The issue was that my fathers arrival at the facility fell into the first half of the month’s payment cycle, but I was actually paying for the next two weeks (plus 1 day). So the date range read 2/8 - 16/8 (dad arrived on 15th), but the charge was for 15th - 31st. Should be ok going forward :slight_smile: