Changing Nursing Home

My mother has severe dementia and I placed her in once nursing home earlier in the year. As I have continually been dissatisfied with the care that she has received and discussing it with the providers didn’t result in the requested improvements, I moved her to a different Aged Care facility, on Thursday 9th Nov

I have now been advised by the first one that I am required to pay for care fees, means tested care fees and the RAD payment for the day that she left, being the 9th Nov, regardless that she left the premises by 10.15 in the morning.

The new nursing home are also charging care fees, means tested fees and RAD for the day of admittance, being the 9th Nov as I arrived at their premises at 10.30am that day.

Are both organisations entitled to receive the fees for the same day ??? It is an amount of $121.69 for each place, so not a fortune, but is there some ruling in this situation.


Hi Fiona,
Thanks for your question. You will have noticed that I amended your question slightly as we are a nursing home name free forum.

Well done for moving your mother from one nursing home to another. We know all too well how much work is involved in a move like that. With regards to both nursing homes charging a fee on that last and first day, we dont believe there is a set rule on it. It is at the discretion of each nursing home. We discussed it amongst the team here and we think that it is not uncommon for a nursing home to charge based on day or part there of. For the nursing home your mum left, they would have had to assist her morning routine, such as showering, dressing and breakfast. For the new nursing home, they have over half a day, lunch, evening routine along with helping to settle her in.