Can't Send to Respite no POA

I have gone through an ACAT assessment and recieved codes for flexible respite which I have tried to use.
My mum got sent to the nursing home I picked for her and the legal documents to sign only came a couple of days ago which I have found that I can’t sign as I dont have power of attorney and she has dementia so she can’t make decisions for herself.

When she arrived the staff asked me for info and power of attorney documents which I said I dont have. She has already been at the nursing home for six days; when I get back to them with the unsigned documents what will happen to my mum? Will they arrange to send her back home and get me to pay for those six days? I am confused.

Thank you

Hi Rtrotechstr, Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about the situation with your mum. The good news is that aged care home experience this sort of thing more often than you think and 99% of the time, it is all worked out. First, ring the aged care home and explain the situation saying what you plan to do… (more on that below)Next, you need to make an appointment with your mum’s doctor. It possible, both you and your mum will need to go to the appointment together. If your mum’s doctor is very familiar with your mum’s recent situations, she may not be required - check when you book the appointment. When you’re at the appointment, your mum’s doctor will be able to confirm that she has lost the capacity to sign the letter of agreement with the aged care home. Ask the doctor to put this in writing in the form of a letter. Make a few copies of this letter. (You may need a copy of this for other things.) Go to the aged care home with the forms and a copor. Again explain the situation to the aged care home then sign the paperwork. We believe that this should be sufficient. We hope this helps, the agedcare101