Can I look online to determine if a nursing home is classified as 'significantly refurbished' from Centelink perspective

Dad already fully supported resident. Looking at moving Mum into aged care which will result in the family home now being included in the assets test and Dad who is already in a home will be over the assets threshold.

If the nursing home is classified as ‘significantly refurbished’ he will then have to pay a DAC of $58.
If the home is not ‘significantly refurbished’ the DAC is $38.

And it goes down again if the home has less than 40% supported residents.

How do I look this up? Is there some website? When I ask nursing homes, most of the people I speak to have no idea what I’m talking about as this doesn’t fit into the standard mold they all know about. I know that financial advisors have some ability to look this up.

Do the financial advisors have access to some tool that the general public does not. Do I ring up Centrelink and ask them?

This is critical as this impacts how much Dad will have to pay after Mum moves into care.

Hi TravisM,
Yes it is my understanding that providers offering new or significantly refurbished aged care facilities can qualify for a higher supplement in respect of supported, concessional and assisted residents . This higher rate is no doubt an incentive to encourage providers to improve the quality of their amenities. Whilst both our website and My aged Care list which aged care homes are government subsidised we are not provided with the information about refurbishment etc. My Aged Care has provided a phone number to call at Centrelink - 1800020103 - which may help you. The only other suggestion is to call a specialist aged care financial adviser if the aged care home can’t provide you with that information.