Bill from under payment

Hi Everyone,
Just trying to seek some advice/ information to my fathers mother in law.

She is nearly 97 years old and has been put into full time nursing home care (around December last year) she is also on DVA. They have just been whacked with a $4000 bill because someone Screwed up and forgot to mark her as dva (not on my dads side). They are now being told they must pay back the full amount. What are their options or outlets to try and fight this.

Any advice / information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ted,
I suspect that the balance of the RAD supplied by the children could be seen as increased assets by your mother which would have implications for her means tested fee and pension. I would call Department Human Services Assets and Incomes division on 1800 227 475 with the view to asking them if you gave the additional funds as a loan what would the implications be?

My mother is 84 years old, on the full pension, and her net assets for age care purposes have been assessed at about $200,ooo. RAD is $400,000+. What are the implications if her children pay the extra so that the RAD is paid in full upfront?

Hi Piper29,
I would suggest you call Department of Human Services on 1800 227 475. They are probably the best ones to answer questions around finances related to aged care services and advise whether you need to approach this from the DVA or the aged care angle. I find it hard to believe that you are the first ones to have this issue around incorrect information on a form! Human error.
AgedCare101 team