Amount I pay from my pension for package 3 fortnightly

I have just been given a home care package level three …I am on an aged pension but cannot find a simple total payment I will need to pay out of my aged pension each fortnight. I have no other assets. I see over $10 daily being quoted a $140 out of each fortnightly pension on top of all my other expenses they have got to be joking… Is there anyone who Is already getting package three and paying the basic daily rate who can give me anamount they payout of their aged pension.

For whoever has intention to obtain a HCP, I strongly suggest they went to check on the MyAgedCare website thoroughly, especially the page below:

What fees might I have to pay? Your contribution towards your Home Care Package could be made up of the following fees: Basic daily fee Income-tested care fee Additional service fees It is important to know that you don’t necessarily have to pay all these fees. How much you contribute towards your Home Care Package depends on your financial situation and the provider

I can see you posted this question back in February 2021 and prices have certainly changed since then. However, I can empathize that trying to figure out what is covered in your home care package and what you’ll need to pay out of pocket can be confusing because it can vary so much depending on your situation.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you’re trying to determine the merit of the basic daily fee and how much you’ll need to pay out of pocket (i.e. the income-tested care fee). The basic daily fee is a daily care fee providers can charge for their services. It changes every year in March and September. As of September 2023, the basic daily fee for level 3 home care packages is $12.20 per day. However, not every home care provider charges the basic daily fee so don’t assume that it’s a requirement.

The income-tested care fee is a bit more complex. The income-tested care fee is paid by people who can afford to pay for their aged care. It’s calculated through what is called an “income assessment”. As of September 2023, it can range from $17.97 to $35.95 per day. It’s also subject to change every March and September. You can also find more information about the income-tested care fee here:

For full disclosure, I work for a home care provider based in Perth. We recently wrote a guide that breaks down the costs of home care package level 3, which can be found here in case you find it useful: