All fees payable

Could someone clarify whether you pay the “basic daily fee” of max 85% pension(and a means tested fee pending financial assessment) ON TOP of the accommodation fee set by private provider. We are looking at having to pay a RAD of $450 00 (part payment combination of RAD/DAP) but not understanding if this is the total amount we need to find. Does the daily basic fee add on to DAP effectivley increasing our daily costs??

But noone is explaining: if anaged careroom is advertised as $55 what does this mean? Is it the DAC required? And if we have an accommodation contribution is that how much of the $55 we are expe tex topay on top of the basic

Hi Chris C,
Thanks for your question. You are right with your understanding. There are 4 fees charged when living in a nursing home and if you are not a partially or fully supported resident, then you are likely to pay the first 3 and perhaps all 4.
1.) The basic daily fee (85% of the age pension). Everyone pays this even if you are a fully supported resident.
2.) Means tested fee. This fee is set by Centrelink and depends on your Assets and Income Assessment. People of low means may not have to pay this.
3.) Accommodation fee in the form of a RAD or DAP. Everyone pays this unless you are a fully or partially supported resident in which case you may qualify for an accommodation contribution.
4.) Fees for additional services - these are extra costs depending on the choices you make for extra items such as cable TV in your bedroom, hair dresses etc.