Aged care home vs nursing home

What is the difference between a nursing home and an aged care home? Your site mentions both.

There is no difference. Nursing homes are also known as aged care homes or residential aged care facilities. Aged care homes or nursing homes provide residential accommodation with health care for the elderly and frail who can no longer continue living in their own home. Residents in aged care homes (nursing homes) get assistance with day-to-day tasks like meals, cleaning and laundry. Personal care like showering and going to the toilet, dressing and grooming and 24-hour nursing care from qualified nursing staff, including managing your medicines, continence care, treatment and care of wounds and care of catheters is also provided. Many aged care homes (nursing homes) also provide quite complex and specialised types of health and medical care including, for example, dementia care, palliative care, stoma care, and rehabilitation. You can find out more info on our nursing home and aged care home overview: