Accomodation deposit as a couple

I am really hoping someone can help me and asap. We have places for both my mother and father in law in permanent residential care together in a shared room shortly. The nursing home has suggested until we can sort out our fee enquiries etc that they can put them both in as respite at first however. The mother in law is currently in hospital and must be admitted first, however we have conflicting advise about what the financial implication will be if the father in law comes in at the same time or at least a couple of days later (either as respite or permanent) with regard to whether either one or both of them will have to pay the accomodation deposit or contribution for the room (RAD or RAC) in this case or in the future if they sell their house.

They have centrelink assessments done well previously to this that indicated they would need to pay $13 a day for the accommodation contribution, with one of them still living at their own home (which they own). A few people have said to us that if they come in a few days apart as permanent residents in a nursing home that only one would have to pay the RAD or RAC, as the first would be assessed as a home owner and having the partner living in their house Others have said both would have to pay the RAD or RAC, especially after they sell the house. As it stands at the moment with both starting as respite, they don’t have to pay that yet. Also curious whether the father in law should even come into respite a few days later for the above reasons, if that works similarly or not or later if the mother in law should be put onto permanent residency instead of respite a few days sooner for the above reasons.
They would get about $330 000 after selling their house, with no other assets. Their assessed income total is $1133 on the centrelink income summary statement which says 'if you have a partner then we have assessed half of the value of you and your partner’s combined income. ($216 for pension and $917 for superannuation per fortnight - however they have done this for both the father in law’s and the mother in law’s. They put down superannuation down as same for the mother in law on the assessment too, even though it is only the father in law that gets it - please advise if they have done this correctly also as I am worried that they have doubled the income amount for them incorrectly).

I hope you reply really soon and answer all the above queries (the main three points highlighted), as most of my days are just spent trying to work all this out, let alone visiting and helping them both.
So grateful for this website.

Hi fed up,
Thank you for visiting the forum. I would have thought that the aged care home should be able to answer your questions regarding fees, RAD or RAC given you are moving both your parents into the home. If you have not done so already I would ask to sit down with management/financial manager depending on what is available at the home and go through your options with them. I did so when My mother had to move into care. Whilst we can offer advice about the aged care system (in conjunction with the information on the website) we are not in a position to give financial advice. I think in your case you (and any case where finances are not straight forward) you would be well advised to see an Aged Care Financial specialist to ensure that the correct steps are taken to protect your parents financial situation. Kind regards.