ACAT help

I am trying to assist my sister and Brother in Law who are urgently in need of home care … but refused to recognise it.
They both have significant permanent mobility issues and refuse to leave their 2 storey home.
My sister has just booked an ACAT assessment however is it correct that they both should be assessed?
I am aware of how the Home Care works as my Mother in Law received it however she was on her own.
How does it work for a couple? Could (say) one receive a L2 package and the other a L3?
How does the income assessment work with couples?
I am aware of the long lead time for home care packages, however there is absolutely no way they can survive 12 months + without significant assistance. If the assessment deems them in urgent need can (say) a lesser CHSP package be mobilized faster?
Appreciate any help or guidance

Hi Crackers,
My advice would be to get them to both get the ACAS assessment ASAP and get on the waiting list for packages, as packages can take months/years to obtain. Each individual is treated separately not as a couple.(except when calculating income & assets if held jointly). In my situation my mother is on a L2 package and my father a L4.My advice get on the waiting list and in the meantime use CHSP or local council that often provide services at low cost until they get a package. Also remember once they have a package and they need more services get a new assessment ASAP for a higher level package as again they will need to go on a waiting list for the higher package and again this could be months/years to get. Also look at “Carer allowance” obtained through Centerlink, non-asset based and about $120 fortnight. One of them should possibly be able to get this for the other and may help cover costs.