ACAT assessment

My mother is really struggling at home and her GP has said she requires an ACAT assessment with a view to moving into a nursing home. What is it?

Except in the case of a genuine emergency, allow up to 6 weeks to have the appointment and 2 weeks for the results to be mailed to you.An ACAT assessment usually takes between 45 minutes and 75 minutes to complete and you may like have a family member or friend with you during the ass

My mothers health is declining quickly. How long will I have to wait for an ACAT asses

You book an appointment through the myagedcare call centre or website and an assessor (usually a social worker, nurse or other health care professional) will come to your home or hospital.

How do I organise an ACAT?

An ACAT assessment is a comprehensive assessment that a person needs to be approved to go into any government funded residential aged care home (nursing home). If you live in Victoria, it is known as an ACAS assessment. You will also require an ACAT assessment to receive services through a Home care package, transition care and respite care An ACAT assessment is used to make a recommendation how much care support you require to best suit your needs. ). The assessment looks at a range of factors including your health and medical history, physical and psychological requirements, your social need s and any special areas of concern that you have.Y ou can find out more information on aged care assessments on our overview page.