ACAT assessment who is reponsible to ensure correct level

ACAT assessment who is reponsible to ensure correct level, My mother received her first ACAT assessment in 2014 and received day respite and daily personal needs care until her health deteriorated. In Sept 2016 we started researching nursing home care for her and were very pleased to gain a place for full time care for her in late Sept 2016. She settled well into the facility but around Christmas time, we were told by the Nursing Home that Centrelink were only paying for the first 63 days of care as her ACAT assessment was not for permanent full time care, just Respite care. We were advised to obtain another ACAT assessment which we arranged in January 2017 and she was assessed as needing full time permanent care. The nursing home are saying that we need to pay the difference of $4.5k to cover her care costs that Centrelink will not cover. My question is are we the family responsible for ensuring the ACAT assessment is correct or should the Nursing Home have checked that?

I received a comment fromZarlo1, but not sure how to respond to you. I have not received any other responses to my question, but it is all a bit academic now, as my Mum passed away a couple of weeks ago. We are not sure what will happen over the debt, but are not pressing the nursing home either. I do think you can have an ACAT assessment re-done at any time. My Mum was assessed only for home services first and respite, but then was reassessed for full time care only i

Looking forward to seeing the answer. My mother in law was assessed as needing full time nursing home care in late 2016. She had moved in, we had signed agreements and income assessments were done. Recently she was sent to rehab for 3 weeks and instead of returing to the nursing home was admitted to the local hospital. Totally confused we rang (as we live interstate) and were told that my mother in law really wanted to live a t home and should be able to manage, the doctors exact words were she’ll either sink or swim. As her original ACAT assessment didn’t include home packages and she hasn’t been reassed we have been left in limbo with the hospital telling us she is returning home on monday to a house that hasn’t been lived in for 12 months, with no support. The original decision that my mother in law needed nursing home care was that of the hospital/ doctors after she had a significant stroke and suffered cognitive and physical impairment. Can we ask for an ACAT reassseswe ask? Thank you so much for your great web site, we have found navigating the aged care system a complete nightmare and value your sound advice :slight_smile:

Hi again Lyns,Apologies for the delay. In endeavouring to find an answer to your question we need a bit more information.1. Has your mother had an Assets and Income test done?2. When your mother moved into the nursing home did she sign an Accommodation agreement and/or a Resident agreement with the aged care facility?Thanks

Hi Lyns,I dont have an immediate answer to your question that would allow you to confidently act. I have approached our partner Aged and Community Services Australia to provide guidance to your question. This will take a few days for me to get back to you.Jill